ADD GEAR Carbonlite Ultrastrong Trekking Pole 7075 Aerospace Aluminum Foldable 135 cm Anti-Shock EVA Foam Handle Hiking Walking Sticks All Terrain Alpenstock Mountaineering Trekking Pole (1 pc)

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This is professional equipment perfect for hiking, backpacking, walking, Nordic walking, mountaineering, snowshoeing, climbing, and all adventure travel! Please dont be confused with cheap poles made from Aluminium





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Product Description

Trekking Pole Features

Adjustable: The trekking poles adjust in length to enhance stability on different terrain. They generally adjust from about 25 to 53 inches (63 to 135 cm) long. Typically you’ll want to shorten the poles when going uphill and lengthen them when going downhill.

Shock-absorbing poles: These offer internal springs that absorb shock when you walk downhill. This feature can be turned off when it’s not needed, like when you’re walking uphill.

Ultralight: These Ultra light 7075 T6 Aluminum poles offer the advantage of less swing weight, which makes them easier and quicker to move. Over the course of a long hike, this means less fatigue. Each pole weighs about 260 grams only

Twist lock: The poles uses an expander and screw setup that is consistently strong and durable. The locking mechanisms also let you adjust the length of the three interlocking sections

Trekking Pole Shaft Materials: The pole shaft’s makeup is a key determinant of the pole’s overall weight. Aluminum 7075 T6: The more durable and economical choice. Under high stress, aluminum can bend, but is unlikely to break. (Carbon-fiber poles are more vulnerable to breakage or splintering than 7075 aluminum poles. Trekking poles that use Aluminum 6061 are much heavier)

Trekking Pole Grips: Foam: This absorbs moisture from sweaty hands and is the softest to the touch.

Wrist straps: To use them the right way, put your hand up through the bottom of the strap and then pull down and grab the grip of the pole. This technique supports your wrist and heel of the hand and allows you to keep your hand relaxed on the grip.

Baskets: The Trekking poles include a small, removable trekking basket at the tip end. The baskets can be used in snowy or muddy ground

Carbide Tip: All terrain tungsten/carbide tip with removable rubber ferrules.

trekking poles

Why use hiking poles?

There are so many uses for hiking poles (walking sticks / trekking poles whatever you would like to call them) that we can’t get into them all here though, some of the most common benefits include:

  • Stability – With heavy backpacks! Added backpack weight will take you off balance, walking poles help re-balance you.
  • Balance – Crossing those beautiful streams can be tricky with slippery rocks and hiking poles can keep you upright.
  • Assistance climbing – Steep hill? Going up or down is no problem with trekking poles. When going up, use them to help pull yourself up. When going down, use the poles to brace yourself and ease into the descent.
  • Reduce strain – Studies show hiking poles may reduce knee strain by up to 25%!
  • Exercise – Using hiking poles can help burn more calories with the added upper body movement yet you will experience less exertion.


Not to mention the other endless possibilities including helping to prop up and emergency shelter!

who should use trekking poles



Who should use hiking poles?

Anybody & everybody! Our hiking poles are a great economical solution for beginners, experts, weekenders, kids, parents or just seniors going for a stroll! Whether you have a son or daughter who is going on a camping trip with friends, if you’re planning a hike up Kilimanjaro OR you just need a little help getting around the block at home, the Add-gear Aluminum trekking poles will be a perfect fit!

Great For Endless Outdoor Adventures

Hiking poles come in handy in so many different situations it can be hard to name them all. They are a huge benefit if your going uphill, downhill, crossing unstable terrain or to help support the added weight of a backpack, help reduce strain on your legs and joints, help to get a more thorough workout, burning more calories, Nordic walking, snow shoeing OR just for a little help getting around the house!

Great For Getting Family Together

Having your family use hiking poles will help bring comfort and peace of mind when out on the trails helping to prevent falls and helping ensure that none of your family members get fatigued too quickly. Take longer hikes with the entire family without worry!

all terrain

Anti-Shock Feature For More Comfort


Tip Options for Many Conditions

Our poles come with different tip options for different hiking conditions, traverse the paths less travelled!

Rubber tips – For walking paved paths, sidewalks, or large smooth rocks

Carbide tips – For digging into gravel trails, hard packed paths, or ice

Mud baskets – To help prevent your poles from sinking into mud or sand when hiking tougher conditions

Anti-Shock Feature For More Comfort

The Add-gear hiking poles incorporate an anti shock feature located inside of each pole on the top of the middle section. This anti shock feature is an internal spring which helps to reduce the sharp jolt that travels through the pole each time the pole hits the ground.

If you don’t like the anti shock feature no problem! It can be easily activated or deactivated on each pole!

Great For All Heights Of People

Not sure what size pole is right for you? Generally speaking, you want your poles to be set at a height where when holding the pole straight up and down, your arm will form a 90° angle. Using this rule of thumb our trekking poles will work great for people of any heights from 3’6″ to 6’4″. In the listing photos at the top of the page you will find a sizing chart to show you approximately how far to extend your hiking poles! What matters most though is your comfort while out hiking the great outdoors!

  • STRONG, LIGHTWEIGHT, LOW IMPACT – Made with aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum and weigh only 260 grams each so you don’t feel weighed down – you’ve already got enough to carry, your poles are here to help you, not hinder. Softer impacts so your hikes are easier on your joints! Experience truly strong trekking poles.
  • EASILY ADJUSTED -Adjustable Twist lock system to quickly lengthen the poles from 25” to 63” (63 to 135 cm) in order to achieve the perfect height for your needs. Perfect for everyone from short to tall
  • COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC GRIP – To provide the best experience possible, we’ve developed an ergonomic EVA foam grip that is comfortable, moisture-wicking and conforms to the shape of your hand. Your grip will fit like a glove in no time minimizing discomfort that can be caused by hard grips. We also include a nonslip adjustable wrist-strap – so you won’t drop the stick accidentally.
  • ALL TERRAIN – Tackle any terrain with the tungsten-tipped ends, removable rubber ferrules, and mud/snow baskets. Explore nature’s beauty with increased balance, stability, and endurance!
  • This is professional equipment perfect for hiking, backpacking, walking, nordic walking, mountaineering, snowshoeing, climbing, and all adventure travel! Please dont be confused with cheap poles made from Aluminum 6062
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